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ApoB in clinical care

Boek J. de Graaf 21-05-2015 9789036809795
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Now, based on the apoB algorithm, that is outlined and illustrated in this book, family physicians as well as cardiologists, endocrinologists and internists will be able to easily and accurately identify and treat these disorders.

The apoB dyslipoproteinemias are major common causes of vascular disease. But until now, accurate diagnosis has not been possible.

With just total cholesterol, triglycerides and apoB, all the apoB dyslipoproteinemias, with the exception of elevated Lp(a), can be identified using the apoB algorithm. The apoB app, which incorporates this algorithm, is available from both Apple and Android and is free. 

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SKU 9789036809795
Publicatiedatum 21-05-2015
Auteur J. de Graaf, P. Couture, A.D. Sniderman
Druk 1
Studentenkorting Nee
Betaalbaar per maand Nee
Gewicht 325 gram
Afmetingen 240mm x 168mm x 11mm
Bindwijze Ingenaaid
Productvorm Boek
Taal Nederlands
Uitgever Springer Media
Dit boek is geschreven voor huisartsen, internisten en cardiologen
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